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callWe started out marketing jewelry stores for a company named CR Jewelers, an email marketing company named Email to Zip and an Estate buyer named Gold Reef. We then developed  Adtrace.net  a telephone call recording and analyzing company and grew  in the last several years to a major player in the industry. The difference it has made in the stores profitability is dramatic.  Understanding the relationship between the employees and the customers through the telephone call recording and tracking has been a game changer.

Not only that, with the tracking reports, you see what advertising works and what does not. Let’s say you try a Newspaper ad, Magazine ad  and a web-page marketing your business. You will know through the tracking, reports and the recording of the calls what is pulling for you.
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Just place the phone number we give you in any newspaper, magazine, print ad or website. Anywhere a phone number is used, we can start tracking and recording. We then forward the calls to any phone number you like. We record and track the calls. You sit back and become 100% more effective, efficient and relevant. Think about the implication of knowing where to spend your money and how to improve efficiency. A game changer!
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